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What Is Green Building in Denver, CO?

Green Building or Green construction can be comprised of many different “green” facets. Even the way a contractor operates can add a green value to his construction projects.

An R-2000 home for example is a type of green construction because of its energy efficiency.

A pre-engineered steel building is a type of green construction because this type of building minimizes construction waste. Steel buildings in general are green by protecting our forests and being totally recyclable.

A contractor who diverts waste from landfill to recycling is a type of green builder. Designers and owners who go the extra mile in energy conservation and design are contributors to green building as well.

There are of course different sets of standards that constitute green construction as well. Most well known of these would be the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program. This program has very rigid sets of standards which – if achieved – can afford the building a silver or gold rating.

There is even an on-line tool for owners and designers to do an audit of their facilities and designs to rate them against best practices and standards for green architecture. Dubbed Green Globes, The tool was developed in Canada and is used increasingly in the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.

As you can see, we can all do our little bit to be contributors to green building. In today's worl, we should all do our share. By being energy conscious and reducing waste our building world will be a little “greener.”

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