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Moore Bros. Construction Company strives to be a resource for the Denver area homeowner. Remodeling a home is one of the biggest steps a person can make, and our professional remodeling contractors would like to offer valuable tips to those considering such a large undertaking. Please come back on a regular basis, as articles will be added monthly.

Energy Efficient Home Design- Good house design takes its form in part from the forces that act on it. Climate and weather are two of the strongest form-makers (there are no igloos in the tropics) since houses must be designed and built to repel the damaging effects of the world we live in. Mother Nature is always trying to tear our buildings down. (Read Complete Article)

The Energy Efficient Home and Why You Should Have One- It makes sense to have an energy efficient home and to use solar power if possible. The Earth only gets about 2 Billionth of the energy of the Sun, but that is enough to divide amongst all the homes on the surface of the planet. It is wise for people to get an energy audit, perhaps some infrared photos to see where they are wasting energy. Solar Chimneys are another good idea. (Read Complete Article)

Energy Star Windows and Doors- Want more from your windows? Ask for ENERGY STAR. ENERGY STAR qualified windows, doors, and skylights save you energy and money, increase the comfort of your home, and protect your valuable possessions from sun damage. (Read Complete Article)

What You Should Know About Green Remodeling - Americans are now spending up to 160 billion each year on remodeling their homes and businesses. A fraction of this money has been focused on what is known as "green construction". (Read Complete Article)

UPVC Windows - Everyone wants their home to be visually appealing, but in some cases, this requires a bit of remodeling on the part of the homeowner. Not only do windows and doors provide natural lighting for the home, they also lend beauty and personality to otherwise ordinary homes. So if you are thinking of remodeling, an attractive update to your home may come in the form of upvc windows. (Read Complete Article)

Energy Efficiency In Your Denver Home - Over the past few years, there has been a ground swell of Green building interest by home buyers and builders. In response to the growing demand to conserve energy in our homes, there are several new mortgage programs that allow home buyers to finance the cost of energy improvements into their mortgage, to increase their loan-to-value, or improve their qualifying ratios. (Read Complete Article)

Alternative Building Materials - In recent times, more and more people are becoming aware of environmental issues. This is because environmental issues have become the topic of many debates, especially in government where laws are being made that aim to protect the environment. (Read Complete Article)

Lighting and Energy Efficiency - As a former educator and former psychotherapist, I have continually had a common notion about people reinforced: We are creatures of habit and change doesn’t come easy for any of us. (Read Complete Article)

Choosing A Denver Remodeling Contractor - Choosing the right Contractor is the most important aspect of any home construction project. (Read Complete Article)

Green Remodeling Continues to Grow - Make no mistake: the "green building" market is not only here to stay, but it's also the wave of the future. In just the next five years, the market for buildings that incorporate alternative energy and conservation techniques will increase some $10-20 billion dollars. (Read Complete Article)

Is Green Construction More Expensive? - As people begin to realize the impact we make on the world around us, going green is becoming a phenomenon. So, just what is green construction? (Read Complete Article)

Energy Efficiency & Your Windows - With the high cost of utility bills these days, and the environmentalists lobbying for ways to save energy, the replacement window industry has stepped up to the plate and produced many ways to please everybody involved. Energy-efficient windows are becoming the norm today and the methods of accomplishing this are quite interesting. (Read Complete Article)

Choosing The Right Window - Proper planning is the most effective way to ensure you install the right windows to suit your needs, goals, and budget. Listed below are tips on how to make sure you choose the right windows for your home (Read Complete Article)

Going Green With Your Denver Home - There is a new trend in construction – building with environmental concerns in mind. In this article, we cover going green with insulation in a structure. (Read Complete Article)

Wood Flooring Goes 'Green' - Home building has gone green. Environmentally conscience consumers are driving builders and home product manufacturers to emphasize environmental responsibility. Even products like hardwood flooring - that might not seem to lend themselves to a “green” lifestyle – are getting an environment-friendly makeover. (Read Complete Article)

Thinking About Kitchen Remodeling? - Nothing can help freshen up an older home, or help in the sale of a property or inspire your kitchen workspace like a new or remodeled kitchen. Kitchen design is becoming increasingly more important as space is rapidly growing smaller. (Read Complete Article)

Remodeling to Make Accommodations - When you think of home remodeling, you probably think of extending a room or changing cabinets in a kitchen or modernizing an older home. Yet there is a whole new market of people needing home renovations - the elderly. (Read Complete Article)

Going 'Green' with Environmentally-Friendly Home Improvement Products" - Over the last few years, buying environment friendly products for the home has become an increasingly important consideration for homeowners looking to make "green" improvements to their living space. To address this growing need, products such as flooring, lighting and paneling, as well as materials like paint and varnish are now readily available for virtually every remodeling project and every room in the house. (Read Complete Article)

What is Solar Cooling - The words ‘solar cooling’ sure sound like a contradiction, but it’s nonetheless true that the same solar energy that provides heat in winter can also give a lot of cooling in the summer months. (Read Complete Article)

How To Save Money On Your Utility Bills - Old wood windows, single pane glass windows or poorly hung windows and doors can be a major cause of energy loss. Everyone has experienced at one time or another, the cold blasts of winter seeping in around icy windows that are not insulated and sometimes won’t lock or even shut completely. (Read Complete Article)

What Is Green Building? - Green Building or Green construction can be comprised of many different “green” facets. Even the way a contractor operates can add a green value to his construction projects. (Read Complete Article)

The Basics of Energy Efficient Homes - Good house design takes its form in part from the forces that act on it. Climate and weather are two of the strongest form-makers (there are no igloos in the tropics) since houses must be designed and built to repel the damaging effects of the world we live in. Mother Nature is always trying to tear our buildings down.. (Read Complete Article)

2 Easy Ways to Go Green at Home - I’m sure by now everyone is fully aware about the global warming crisis and hopefully everyone is trying to make an effort in doing their part to save energy. For those of you who are faithfully working.. (Read Complete Article)

The Value of A Bathtub - Many homeowners are choosing to install a bathtub in their home today. For a period of time, bathtubs seemed to fall out of vogue. Many homeowners today are rethinking.. (Read Complete Article)

Sunrooms: “a Window to the Sun With Dramatic Night and Day Views.” - Sunrooms can add a dazzling effect in one’s life by enjoying the best of the sunny weather without having to endure the worst. The implementation of sunroom idea creates a space to your family to enjoy the beautiful moments.. (Read Complete Article)

Styles of Vinyl Replacement Windows - Replacement vinyl windows are an excellent way to add style, charm, and resale value to your home. Today’s replacement windows are made in a variety of different styles, which allows you to choose the specific... (Read Complete Article)

Improving The Home Improvement Value In Your Home - People used to purchase a home so that they could have a solid place to raise a family instead of the ups and downs of renting. Todays homebuyer buys a home today for a place to raise their... (Read Complete Article)

Why Green Remodeling Is Becoming So Popular - "Green" remodeling is a growing trend with environmentally conscious homeowners and renovators. You should know, however, that without formal building codes and definitions, many different... (Read Complete Article)

ARTICLE How to Make Your Home Green - From floor plans to new furnishings, home remodeling comes with endless choices and possibilities. Whether it’s a small project or a major addition, one important element to keep in mind as a homeowner makes... (Read Complete Article)

ARTICLE 'Green' Your Home with Natural, Sustainable American Hardwoods - Looking for an earth-friendly way to add beauty and warmth to your home? Green, sustainable American hardwood floors, cabinetry and trim add natural elegance to today’s interiors. (Read Complete Article)

ARTICLE Hidden Ways to Green-Up Your Home - Building or remodeling a home can be exciting -- and nerve wracking. Homeowners face a seemingly endless array of decisions, from paint color to landscaping, and, more recently, how their choices will impact the environment. (Read Complete Article)

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