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The Value of A Bathtub

Many homeowners are choosing to install a bathtub in their home today. For a period of time, bathtubs seemed to fall out of vogue. Many homeowners today are rethinking the value of a bathtub as well as having a time-saving shower in their bath.

With the busy lifestyle of today's homeowner, many who are remodeling their bathroom want a tub for those times when they are retreating to the more relaxing atmosphere of home after a hectic day in the workplace.

The bathtubs of today offer many options. For some a deep soaking tub has great appeal. These are available in both one and two person styles. The two person tub is a great addition to a master suite.

The vintage tub has also gained in popularity. The vintage nostalgic aspect can add greatly to the experience of a warm relaxing soak. These tubs come in both the clawfoot version and also as pedestal tubs and can make an attractive statement in a bathroom that is completely fitted to reflect a Victorian style.

Whirlpool bathtubs have also made a great gain in the homes of today. These force both air and water through jets and give a massaging action. Many are firm in the belief that they have a genuine theraputic effect. Certainly they add enjoyment and relaxation which in itself is to be valued in today's busy lifestyle.

Before installing a whirlpool tub, it is good to give the option some thought. Depending on the size of your hot water system, a new hot water tank may be needed. Investigating the noise factor, and also the maintenance needs is a good idea as well.

Composition of bathtubs

Bathtubs are available in a diverse selection of materials, such as enameled cast iron, enameled steel, fiberglass, acrylic, and even the very pricey and elegant copper tub.

Each has it's merits and it's drawbacks and also different maintenance and cleaning requirements as well as a variety of price points.

Shower-tub combination

For homeowners who have a very small bathroom, and no way to enlarge it, a bathtub-shower combination can be a solution, since it is possible to have both in only the space a tub would normally occupy.

Adding a tub in an existing structure can be a tricky situation. Before making a commitment, do be sure and take accurate measurements both to assure the tub will fit in the bathroom, and that it can travel through the household to it's final destination.

Article Author: Illa Maden
Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/home-and-family-articles/the-value-of-a-bathtub-249309.html

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