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Green Building - Your Denver Remodeling Contractor

denver home remodeling contractorWhen building a new home, adding on an extension or even just a simple remodeling project within your Denver home, you should always consider your local environment to maximize the efficiency of every aspect of your project.

There are four main areas that need to be focused on when planning your building project. They include:

Building materials

Each of these areas contain specific products and methods that can really benefit your home lifestyle and increase the capital on your house to. Home Remodeling can be very satisfying when the job is complete. However, it becomes even better if taking into consideration these factors mentioned above to make your home comfortable all year round for you and your family.

Green building is an approach to design and construction that respects the environment and conserves resources. It is a common sense approach that is available to all Denver home owners. Moore Bros.  is recognized for their green remodeling work in sustainable building and the LEEDŽ Rating System and have a proven ability to identify and support sustainable building strategies appropriate to specific building types, climates and bioregions.

The LEED Certification process was developed by the US Green Building Council in 2000 as a means to establish benchmarks to identify buildings which subscribe to sustainable building and design practices. These principles include energy remodeling, indoor air quality and recycling and storm water management. LEED employs a scoring process, where points are earned for compliance to sustainable standards.

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