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Whether staining a deck yourself or hiring a contractor to build an addition to your home, there are basic guidelines you should follow to keep your project organized. Here are some tips on planning ahead that may help you avoid a lot of hassle down the road. Think ahead and determine what needs to be done. The more you pay attention to detail, the better your plan will develop. Consult with others that have completed a similar project and take their advice to heart. Talk to subcontractors to help you determine the scope and sequence of your project. Visit Home Depot or Lowes and chat with their top sales people to get even more tips on the job at hand. Letís say, for instance, that you are going to replace a bathroom counter top. Listed below are home remodeling contractors that can help you:

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 Put changes in writing. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, this will help you stay on track. If you are using a contractor, you should modify the original plan and have it signed by both parties. Donít forget to include the new cost estimate. The key is in staying organized. An effective plan requires a list of tasks, tools, and supplies. It also requires a detailed sequence of step by step procedures and a realistic budget that will allow for some contingencies. Careful planning will eliminate too many trips to the hardware store, multiple phone calls to subcontractors or an extra visit to Home Depot to speak with a salesperson that may or may not be able to get you out of trouble. Planning ahead does take some effort, but it will help you save time, save money, and eliminate a lot of unnecessary frustrations. Most of all, it will give you great results and a sense of accomplishment which no amount of money can buy.